sexta-feira, 6 de novembro de 2009

Curso de Permacultura em Sintra

Course Content:

1-Introduction to
2-Concepts and themes in design
3-Methods of design
4-Pattern Understanding
5-Climatic Factors
6-Trees and their energy transactions
9-Earth working and earth resources
10-The Humid Tropics
11-Dryland Strategies
12-Humid Cool to cold climates
14-The strategies of an alternative global nation


Doug Crouch
Trained as both a Permaculture Designer and Fish and Wildlife Manager, Doug has extensive knowledge surrounding landscape planning and creating aquaculture systems for all needs.  He has worked in temperate, drylands, and tropical climates, extending from North and Central America to Asia and Oceania. This work includes managing land and water for tourism ventures, facilitating and co-creating educational programs, tropical aquaculture and wetlands restoration, permaculture design and implementation, and market gardening. Incorporating this knowledge and experience into educational programs has now become Doug’s main focus as he continues his design and development in various ecosystems.

Gautier Gras
Gautier came across The One Straw Revolution, a book about natural farming, and The Designer’s Manual by Bill Mollison two and a half years ago in India while studying sustainability.  These books and this training was a stark contrast to his upbringing in the urban, unsustainable landscape that had formed his ways of thinking previously.  This newfound inspiration was a driving force for his full development and study of food production systems and sensible design. His practical training includes volunteering in various ecosystems in the United States, Australia, India, and Malaysia, while his theoretical training is rooted in extensive reading and university education.   He was trained in Permaculture Design by Geoff Lawton and has now taken on the training of others.

Sustainable School - The future of educationThe Escola da Terra is a community of like-minded families living in Sintra, Portugal.  What connects all families in this community is a desire to live life with fuller awareness.  The Escola da Terra is a school for adults and for children, a school where we put into practice and teach ways of being more present with each other and with the challenges we find in life. The School aims to be a sustainable school based on the principals of permaculture and the inspiration of the waldorf pedagogical education philosophy.
We all share the passion for being an integral part of the upbringing of our children and raising them in a way that preserves their connection to Nature and their connection to their hearts.The people in the community have a wide range of talents and we share our knowledge by holding workshops at the Escola da Terra; some of the themes of these workshops are: eating with raw foods, baby massage, permaculture, music therapy, natural parenting, conscious pregnancy and birth, yoga for pregnant women.
Phone-00 351 91 9463628

Course fee
-400 euros
-Biological vegeterian meals included.
-Free camping at site for adventurers
-Hotel room around 20€ person